Blogger Status: Student Life

This Friday afternoon I will have my first appointment with the teacher that´s going to guide me trough the thesis project. My teacher´s area is social, she specialized in human sexuality, yeap!
I guess I´m going to study something related to this topic, like social representations or something like that. I´m not sure yet, I saw her general topics and that´s all I know by now. Well, Friday I´ll have more news about this.
It´s a big relief that I don´t have to go to school every day now. I won´t need to buy loads of copies and books like in the past years. I think school taxes/gas are high enough. Once I don´t have to drive to school every day, I´ll spend less and, very important, I´ll have more time for my daughter. I hope I can manage to finish my course this year and start looking for a job. It won´t be easy, but I´ll try hard to acheive this goal.
I have a review to post, so see you in a bit.

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