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Hi everyone.
One of my sections of blogging resources is about SEO tools. Each time I find something useful I like to list it in this section. So, today´s first review is about a SEO tool called Seoquake.
Seoquake is a tool, both for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, that was created to help web masters in search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites. It allows users to obtain important SEO parameters about the site visited. SeoQuake plugins are special addons which work with content of different sites and provide info like Alexa, number of links, density, among others.
I´ve been using this tool for a few days and the most useful info for me is the number of links. You can download this tool and check detailed tutorials in SeoQuake website.

2 comentários:

Gem said...

This one's a big help. I've been looking all over for SEO tool sites.

Thanks for this. I got this on my toolbar.

Mizé said...

Hi Gem. Sorry for the late reply.
It´s a nice tool, although there are others to use too.
Check out my SEO section.