Social Spark: Affiliate Opportunities

Social Spark, the other PPP website owned by IZEA, has new opportunities available in affiliate format. This means you blog about a product and then you get paid for each sale made trough your blog.
SS made a few changes in the way the marketplace looks, they´re improving the site as it grows and this new format is a part of this change.
I haven´t accepted any of this affiliate opportunities yet and I think I won´t. For me text opportunities are better once I know what I will earn. Talking about earnings, this month was the worst month I had in SS, only two opp the whole month.
I think SS works best for US bloggers, European bloggers like myself don´t have as many opportunities. Anyway, I´m thankful for what I´ve earned so far, as I mentioned before, this part-time covers my University taxes and a few extras.

2 comentários:

R. Patel said...

Ted Murphy is a great guy behind a great company! aka Social Spark and PPP!

wiehanne said...

Yea, there is a few opps for US bloggers only. -__-" I think it would be better if they change it to blog-with-traffic-from-US or something like that.