Thanks Entrecard Bloggers

Yesterday, I decided to spend all my EC credits advertising Night Clicks on other blogs. After all, that´s what EC are for.
I´d like to thanks all Entrecarders that visit my blog and return my drops. I guess a good way to show my appreciation is to spend my credits on their blogs. A share of those credits goes to Entrecard but that´s how the system works. I spent 15.000 credits and I wish I had more to spend on all the great blogs I visit.
I´ve been trying to comment more often, to participate more but sometimes I just don´t have enough time to read posts as I´d like to. Well, I do what I can and I enjoy feeling that I´m a part of this community.
Cheers to you all!

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Emily said...

Hi there, this is not a comment on this specific post. I have a newly blogs opened and I need backlinks. If you don’t mind, can we exchange links? Thank you and have a great.

Deep Down In My Heart
Fashion, Style and Glamour
Making Life Happier
Mommy Is Blogging
My Thoughts and Ideas

Chrystal K. said...

You are a part of the community :)

Mabelle said...

thanks for dropping by and for the comment. it's my first time to know about it also. :)

God bless!