Blog Deleted?

Hi. I used to read some post of this blog that I found trough Entrecard.
Yesterday, I was doing my Entrecard round and when I clicked the logo, the message that appeared was from Blogger: "Blog Removed".
I couldn´t belive so I double checked it, but it was true. Blogs removed, both deleted!
This blog was one of the most expensive to advertise and it wasn´t monetized. Posts were well writen with a subjective but sometimes hilarious humor and critic spirit.
No goodbye, no nothing...
I wonder... what happened?

PS. Monday 17/11/08
After all, someone seems to know what happened. I just read more info in Turnip blog, after reading Lainy´s post:

2 comentários:

Utah Mommy said...

Me too, i use to hop in this website because i like to read the posts in it. I don't know what happened?

Mizé said...

Hi. You noticed too.
I´m so curious about what happened.
Maybe later we´ll know.
Thanks for droping by and commenting. A good Monday!