Blogger Templates: Cute and Easy to Install

Hi. I´m back to blogging tonight.
I was looking for a nice new template for my blog Momyjob but I kept leaving this task for the next day because I didn´t want to upload all widgets again.
I was looking for free resources that I´ve listed in previous posts and I visited "The cutest blog on the block" website. This website has cute free layouts in a wide diversity of colors.
This website provides templates exclusively for blogger blogs and the best part is you won´t loose any widgets. The first step is to convert your blogger blog to "Minima" and then copy the template´s code (which is a small html piece of code) and upload it like a normal widget/gadget.
With this easy to install templates I can change how my blog looks more often without much hassle. If you´re looking for stylish but free blogger templates, check out "The Cutest Blog on the Block" website.

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