Blogging Advertising: Snapbomb

Hi everyone. Blogging on Sunday again :)
I was trying to return drops earlier but EC server was down.
I had some reviews to write and I´m working long hours at night, again. I´d like to update my blogs so I can rest a bit and enjoy the rest of the weekend with my family.
I´m writing this brief post, just to let you know that Snapbomb paid me. Not long ago, I did a brief review of Snapbomb, another paid per post website, but I was a bit apprehensive because they took a long time to pay. After checking my account in their website I noticed that I hadn´t updated my Paypall mail so they couldn´t pay me before only because of they didn´t have my data.
I only did one review for this website because each time I login there´s no posts available, so they pay but don´t have much going on, at least, for me.
A good Sunday.

4 comentários:

Liza said...

Hi Mize! I hope you don't mind that I tagged you. I understand if you're not up to tags.

By the way I'll be adding you to my links ;)

Have a great week ahead.

Mira said...

Hi Mize happy Sunday! I'm also signed up with at least 12 affiliates but only writing actively for 6. The rest I only check for opps once in a while. It is more profitable to spend time checking opps on affiliates that pay quick and on time right? ;-)

RoxiticusDH said...

Hmmm...I think I signed up for Snapbomb, but like you I had an outdated email address. I don't think I ever did any reviews, though, as they were too cheap!


Mariuca said...

Snapbomb is such a cute name he he! Happy Monday dear! :):):)