Entrecard Down - Problems With Ads

Hi everyone.
I´ve been trying to make my EC round but the site is down. This is the message I got:

"We have an emergency outage in progress due to on-going problems with ads not being properly published. We'll keep it as short as possible but this really has to be solved properly. Sorry about this everyone!"

You know, I noticed problems with ads, but it wasn´t only yesterday (Saturday). I was going to blog about it, but once this is happening now I´ll share what I experienced:

I do my EC round from my inbox but sometimes I click on widgets. I clicked on some blogs widgets, as I normally do, and two weird things happened:

~ I was taken to other site different from the one in the ad
~ Loaded the same blog I was visiting, not working at all

This was a very unfair situation for those that bought the ads. I guess EC noticed this was happening and now they´re working to fix it. So, this probably means that I won´t be able to do more drops tonight, sorry guys but it´s not my fault. I´ll check it again later, maybe I can finish my round. If not, tomorow I´ll be back.
A God Night.

PS: Around 3.00 am, my local time, of 1/12/08 EC website was up.
I didn´t notice any problems with ads.

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Mariuca said...

Mize! I couldn't do my round for Mariuca too last night! EC has been very unstable last few days, hope today is better. Happy dropping! :):):)

Liza said...

woohoo! i made it to top 5, thanks for the link mize.


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