Music Monday III: Silence 4

Hi, a good Monday to all.
It´s Music Monday time. This week, I bring you a Portuguese group that sings in English, called Silence4.
Silence4 doesn´t play toguether anymore but the leader singer, David Fonseca, built a solo career after the group broke up. He already launched a few albums, all in English.
I never saw this group live but I had the luck to see David, in Faro. It was the celebration of the city´s day and he awarded us with a great outdoors concert. You can check more of his music in Youtube, there are plenty videos of David Fonseca there. Currently, he´s doing the first part of Keane´s concerts.
For today´s MM I choose the music: "Borrow", hope you like it:

Group: Silence4
Song: Borrow

You're never with me
You're never near me
What time is it?
What time?
Whose time is this?
Give yourself a chance to breathe
I'll give you the room you need
You're never here
You're never near here
What day is this?
What day?
Whose day is this?
Put me in your supermarket list
I'm here, I'm real, It's
true, I do exist
Today you may feel a little sleepy
Maybe the morning is too soon
I guess I'll have to borrow
One of your sunny afternoons
But afternoons they never come
There's nothing left for me to borrow
I guess i'll try again tomorrow
You're wasting me
You're breaking, you're wasting me
Can this be love?
Is this?
Whose love is this?
What is wrong with you i don't know
place in you for me
well me, I need you so
And if you want to be yourself
No one disturbing, that's alright
I guess i'll have to borrow
A little of yourself tonight
But tonight it never comes
There's nothing left for me to borrow
I guess i'll try again tomorrow
It may seem a little hollow
But i'll try again tomorrow
There's nothing left for me to borrow
I guess i'll try again tomorrow

16 comentários:

Rozella said...

This band is new to me. :) Interesting choice!

Shinade said...

Oh my this is a new group to me as well. But I can certainly see how the lead singer went on to a solo career.

Oh my his voice is so deep and rich and he's so cute!!:-)

Mckay K said...

The girl in the band had a beautiful voice too. I wonder if she is still interested in singing.

The video was very cool. I like David’s voice. I am glad he is still performing and that you were able to see him perform in a live concert.

Mariuca said...

Mize, I listened to ur song and I do like it, esp the guy's voice! Thank you for introducing this group to us, have a great Monday! :):):)

Sam said...

Hi Mize,

Thanks for this music.

Gracias for the comments. Yes I would like to exchange-link with you. I already link mine.


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Mizé said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for commenting.
I´m so happy you liked Silence4. I´m happy to introduce you to new groups, specially Portuguese.
Your comments made my day!

Mizé said...

Rozella: I´m happy to spread Silence4 work. They were so great! I just wish they could play toguether again, I was a devoted fan.

Shinade: The singer is hot, lol. He´s complete: Good looking, great voice, plays well the guitar, writes good lyrics and all his musics. People say he´s got a temper...would like to meet him to check out that temper, lol.

Mckay: I like her voice too, they combine so well.
I don´t know any of them personaly. If she´s not singing it´s a waste of talent.
The video was made in cities near Lisbon, I like the black and white choice.
After the concert I started to like them even more. I bought David´s first CD because he impressed me with his talent. He´s better live, lol.

Mizé said...

Mariuca: I´m so happy you liked David! He´s got loads of talent and a good voice. His lyrics are different from everything else we got here. He´s underground, lol.
The idea of introducing groups I think you don´t know began last week with Toranja.
A great Monday too, Cheers!

Mizé said...

Hi Sam, you´re welcome.
Thanks! I will link yours and visit you more often.

LadyJava said...

Not bad at all.. I like it :)

Mira said...

This is a new sound to me, very nice, thanks for sharing. Yeah you're right he's hot ;-). Hey I wanna join this MM, it's cool! Have a great week.

Mariuca said...

Oh so his name is David eh? He he, I love his voice awesome! :):):)

Hey come celebrate MPG's birthday at my blog later yay! :)

Empty Streets said...

this is so way cool Mize wow - speechless hehehe playing again ;)

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies!
Thanks for checking my MM.

Ladyjava: They have more songs in different styles, I choose something calm, a bit down actually, I guess it was my mood, lol. Glad you liked it at first.

Mira: Come on and join us!
I´m sure you´ll have fun.
I´m having lots spreading my country´s music.

Mizé said...

Mariuca: Yeap, David Fonseca.
I like his music, he´s got charm, but that head of his...not sure, he writes weird stuff.
I appreciate a good looking latin but blonds are much more my case, lol.

Mizé said...

Empty Streets:
Cool! I´m glad you liked them, I´m having lots of fun posting my favorite Portuguese groups.