Necessary (but too many) Car Expenses

We all noticed prices went up but some services exagerate.
Last year we bought a new car, which I regreted already. This month, it was time to do the first maintenance and because the car is new, to keep full garanty, we have to make it on time and exclusively in the brand´s garage.
If you don´t know by know, mechanics don´t do much in this first "check-up", basically, they change the motor oil, filters, check brakes and that´s quite it.
Can you imagine how much I paid?
I paid 155.00 Euros. Don´t you think it´s a bit too much?
As my mother says, a car eats with us at the table, lol.
Gas prices, maintenance, insurance, city taxes, etc, I´m considering an extreme solution: sell this car, buy a second hand and use the bus more often.
My insurance is now more expensive. I had a little accident and had the insurance pay for other car´s demages. It was a small accident, the only demage on my car was the number plate and a few scratchs in the plastics around it. Nowadays cars are mostly made of plastic, lol.

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