Problems with Adware, Torjans and Other Bugs

Hi everyone.
My PC is infected again!
I´ve been trying to fix this problem since yesterday but my antivirus is not effective against the bugs I caught while bloghopping. It identifies Adware but doesn´t remove it. I guess I need to find another software to remove it.
If you have suggestions, please leave a comment.
I´ll be offline trying to fix this problem.
Hope I can get back soon. Cheers.

Update, 23.oo pm:
I installed "Search & Destroy" software and it was able to exterminate over 50 bugs!
I´m not sure if this software cleaned everything because my Panda still identifies Adware. The Alexa toolbar is always identified as Adware. Well, at least things look normal, I can open both browsers like before and make my EC drops in normal speed.
I caught this bugs while bloghopping so some drops aren´t worthy. I already know some blogs that have bugs, sorry but I won´t visit them again even if they drop here every day. Today, I had enough trouble, lost many precious hours and I´m not sure if everything is fixed.
Well, back to work. See you.

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Ann said...

Sorry to hear about your issues with your pc!! Ever thought about switching to Mac? I switched a little over a year ago and haven't had ANY problems in regards to viruses. The only problem, a dirty DVD lens due to smoking too much around my computer. True you spend a bit more for the initial investment, but is worth it in the end.

Babette said...

Hi Mize, I use McAfee and it always blocks some trojan from one of the blogs I've visited. I haven't had one for a while so I'm sure it's not a blog in my daily EC drops. It's when I drop from my EC inbox that I get the trojan message.

Wendy said...

my hubby has been scolding because both our laptop and desktop has all sorts of bugs.I'm the one who uses both a lot and I visit hundreds of sites in a day, He has no choice but to reformat both hehe.

Mariuca said...

Oh boy! I wonder which blogs are the infected ones, hard to tell with so many tabs opened at the same time. But I am glad u got this resolved Mize. HUGS! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies.
Thanks all for your support.

Ann: Thanks for sharing your experience. I have Panda paid version and had no problems too, till now.
I guess the bug that infected my PC is really nasty.
I also smoke around the Pc, my laptop is 2 years now, maybe it´s all yellow inside too, lol.
I will check Mac. Cheers.

Mizé said...

Hi Babette.
I found a few blogs with Adware but this bug I caught is different, it´s like glue, one needs a special software to clean it.
I never tried Mcafee, but now I have just paid my Panda licence for another 6 months. Guess I have to wait longer till I can try out something else.
Thanks for sharing your experience, I can´t live without my laptop, lol.

Mizé said...

Wendy: I hope I don´t have to do that, my laptop just made two years...

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
I started making a list, lol, but I´m not sure if I should mention those blogs, imagine they hack my blogs. I´m not tech savvy, and wouldn´t know what to do.
Well, now I don´t open many tabs at the same time, only when I know those blogs are safe. I´m taking longer to do my drops but it´s safer.
Hugs too! xx

Mizé said...

I don´t know if it´s all fixed, I´ll do an online scan again today.