Studen Life: Today´s Appoitment

Today I had a third appointment with my teacher and collegues. Everyone was punctual and the appointment ended earlier than the previous.
My teacher wasn´t feeling very well, poor dear, she complained about having stomachaches, I hope she gets better soon.
I was feeling a bit guilty because I haven´t finished my 10 pages report, but she said there was no problem. She agreed to me, 2 weeks aren´t enough to do a well done literature revision, ufa, I´m glad she understood. I was sick for a few days but I must confess there was a little procrastination and too much blogging too.
Anyway, that´s why I choose her, she´s young but an excellent teacher in her area of studies.
I have posted about my school activities but I didn´t explain much about my course. To be honest, no one asked.
Do you know which is my course? Have you guessed by now?
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Image: Campus Gambelas of Algarve´s University

2 comentários:

Benjamin said...

You're lucky to have such an understanding teacher.

And, I can't guess the course! I'll keep reading...

Mizé said...

Hi Benjamin. Thanks for your visit and comment. Pity I can´t see your blog...
I will eventually reveal my course, lol.
A good Monday.