Blog Awards and Tags

I received some blog awards and tags from lovely bloggers that I meet trough Entrecard such as Mariuca, Allena, Lisa, Mira and Mathias but I´m taking so long to post them that I already feel a little embarrassed.
I feel honored when other bloggers think of me and pass me blog awards but I have a problem deciding who I will award so I keep delaying this sort of posts.
So, I´d like to send a big "Thank You" and, at the same time, apologize to all my ciber friends who recently awarded Night Clicks. I didn´t forget your kind gesture and I decided that, in a near future, I will make a post with all the awards.
Thanks all for awarding me and for your patience with this nut blogger :)

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Mira said...

I have the same dilemma Mize, lol. It's hard to choose people to pass the tags to, so goodluck to that ;-).
Have a nice day!