Blog Awards From Mónica

I´m proud to announce that I received more blog awards.
Monica, from Turn You Off, shared this awards with me:

Thanks so much Monica!
I enjoy your blog´s diversity of topics. You always manage to put a smile on my face, with your sense of humor or a picture of delicious food.
Monica is also a foodie. Recently, she started her own food blog, you can visit her in: "What To Eat". What To Eat is a space where Monica shares recipes and pictures of yummy food.
Wish you a Happy New Year!

2 comentários:

Monica said...

awww Mize! you're so sweet..
and you really deserve all these awards ;-)

May the new year bring happiness, prosperity and love to you and your loved ones *HUGS*

Mizé said...

Hi Monica.
Really? I feel honoured with so many awards. Just don´t know exactly what I did to deserve so many :)
I will share them with other bloggers, after I figure out with whom. For me, this part is the hardest task in awards.
I thanks and return your new Year´s votes.