Blog Tag: Things I Love

Lately, thanks to Social Networks, I´ve been socializing more with other bloggers than when I started blogging. I found some bloggers trough this networks, while others found me.
This is true both for my English and Portuguese blogs. Trough my Art blog I´ve meet some very friendly bloggers that already know this blog too.
Some Portuguese bloggers also play awards and tag games. Recently, I was invited to post about "Things I Love". I promissed to post this tag as soon as possible but, as usual, I´m taking too long :)
I don´t want to end this year without completing this task, so here it goes.
In this game, I have to reveal seven things I love. The link part was done in my Portuguese blog.

Seven Things I Love:

~ My Daughter
~ My Hubby
~ The Sea in the Summer
~ The Countryside
~ Cooking
~ Live Concerts

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