Blogger Status: Enjoying the Holiday

D. João

Today´s a Portuguese national holiday.
We celebrate the Restoration of Independency, a very important event for Portuguese nation.
Portugal once was under Spanish government, 60 years of opression, but in 1 December 1640, there was a revolution in Lisbon and our independence was restored. Bragança Duque became king of Portugal as D. João IV.
Nowadays, Portugal is a Republic. We still have Bragança heritage but the country doesn´t value Monarchy anymore.
In December, besides Christmas, we have two national holidays, 1 and 8. The first day of December is a political victory while 8 is a religious holiday.
It´s great to have two holidays on Mondays, it means I have two big weekends to spend some quality time with my family.
A good Night.

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