Blogger Status: Family Time

First, I´d like to thanks all who commented my last post for the warm Christmas votes. Bless you all.
My Christmas was great. We had a family dinner and after we exchanged gifts.
Today, after spending the afternoon with my hubby´s family we had a long dinner with my mother. Now, everyone went to bed except me.
I finished cleaning my kitchen very late but, because I´m a night owl, here I am blogging and doing my online chores.
After all the cooking I did in the past two days I deserve some rest and for me, a great way to relax is to blog a bit. Feels great when I don´t blog under stress and my favorite posts are blogger status. This posts are a type of therapy where I can write anything I want and talk as if I´m talking directly to you, the few persons out there who really read and comment my posts.
New year is another party day that I´ll spend at home, comfortably, with my close family. During this holidays I also need to work in my school project.
See you soon.

2 comentários:

Gem said...

Happy holidays to you too! I had a great time with my family too, especially with my kid. I guess we had strengthen our bonds with family.

Like you I had to catch up, I had been lost for a week and now I'm doing work just after those celebrations.

Enjoy the holidays!

Mizé said...

Hi Gem.
Nice to see you back and commenting here.
Those are important moments kids will never forget.
Life doesn´t give us much chance to rehearse we should enjoy every moment with them.
Ok, on with your catch up :)