My Blogging Goals For 2009

I´ve been thinking about my blogs and I realized I need to delineate a good plan for my blogging activities during 2009.
The first thing I need to do is create a realistic hierarchy of objectives and a new blogging agenda. In the next months I will have less time to do my online chores due to my studies. I really need to unplug a few days a week. This means I won´t have time to do the same things I´m doing now.
My MMO activities will be affected too and if I want to keep earning with reviews I need to establish priorities.
Before 2008 ends, I´d like to buy a domain name for Night Clicks. I should have done this change ages ago but I haven´t due to the last updates. was bought by someone else and now I have to find another solution for this minor problem. I´m also thinking about changing this layout again.
I need to write more personal posts in my other domain so I can work with it in a productive way. This will take time and effort but I´m positive I can accomplish this objective in the first months of 2009.
I also need to find another dropping strategie for my blogs. I won´t be able to return all drops like I´ve done in the past months.
This month, I started another challenging blogging adventure with Today Website. I tell you all about it in a future post.
In sum, my three major blogging goals for 2009 are:

~ Buy a domain name for Night Clicks and find new layouts for some of my blogs;
~ Define a realistic posting agenda to all my blogs and stick to it;
~ Write content for my blogs;
~ Redevelop my dropping habits;
~ Find new ways to monetize some of my blogs;

Well, this is my overview plan for 2009.
Have you though about your blogging goals for 2009?
Happy blogging!

12 comentários:

hfnl/jtld said...

don't put a domain on your sub domain mostly with pr. if you want blogger platform just create another new site and put your domain there.

"D" said...

Perhaps you seem to be missing a good opportunity to monetize your blog by writing review for others on your blog.

Check out

Bryan Karl said...

Good luck with those plans and have a great Christmas!

Aditya said...

Lets see wahts the implementation of this plan next year

Mariuca said...

Hi Mize! Wow u are early with ur blogging goals he he, have yet to think abt mine. :)

Mariuca said...

YAY on the domain move, Mariuca was also taken up so I settled for MyMariuca. I'm sure u will find a good alternative name, so don worry! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks all for commenting.

Mizé said...

Thanks for the tip, it´s an option I´ll have to consider.

Mizé said...

Hi D.
I didn´t know that site. Thanks for the tip, I joined.

Mizé said...

Bryan Karl: Thanks!
Happy Holidays too!

Mizé said...

Yeap, lets see what I come up with.
A little suspanse...:)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca!
Well, in fact some of this blogging goals aren´t new. I´m just aiming next year to do them so I don´t lose focus. It´s more a "things to do" sort of post.

About your domain: I read about the move in your post.
I just wonder who bought that domain.
Yeap, I need to find an alternative.
Happy Holidays :) :)