My Plans For The Last Day of 2008

Today´s the last day of this year and here I am, working.
At least, I´m working on something I enjoy and although a bit tired, I´m also happy :)
I finished refreshing my food blog´ look and now I feel like doing the same to My Countryhome. It really needs a three columns layout to organize all widgets I have there but, for now, that task has to wait. I don´t want to spend most of this day online, my family needs me.
I like Christmas but I enjoy more New Year´s celebrations, it´s a happy party with fireworks and all.
My plans for this day are simple. We´ll have a family dinner with our favorite seafood and sweets. Then, we have coffee and socialize. At midnight we welcome the new year with a drink and watch the fireworks. Normally, it´s a cold night so we don´t hang out long, we prefer celebrating at home.
So, these are my plans.
See you.

2 comentários:

kreations said...

I also enjoy spending New's Year at home with loved ones. So much safer!

Juliana said...

Enjoy your new year's eve celebration but most of all I'm wishing you and your family a prosperous and healthy 2009!