Some Bloggers Noticed PR Updates

I just read in a few sites that big G is doing PR updates.
I haven´t noticed anything in my blogs, yet.
One thing is sure, the next update is around the corner but the exact date the toolbar will be more, or less, green nobody knows, except G itself.
In the last update I was lucky, let´s see what happens this time. Well, whatever the outcome is I guess I´m ready to take it and just blog on.

3 comentários:

Mira said...

Mize, my blog My Barefoot Journey enjoyed a PR2 for maybe a month, then lost it and got back again, only to lose it again few days ago, what a bummer! Yup only G knows what G wants, lol.

Mizé said...

Hi Mira.
Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience.
What happened to you is strange...
Are you doing PPP or text links in that blog?

Money maker said...

WOW That's Good News,
Everytime When Google Update Page Rank As you said Nobody no what is going with the Page rank.
As i have new Blog SUPER INFO THAILAND , with no page rank yet. I hope i will get Some Green Line for this blog.
Thanks for you information about this Update.

My Friend I have request with you. I apreciate If you also update your "BEAR-iuca" Links. I Hope your update will also help me to get some Green light from Google.
Thanks Mize