My Favorite Fashion Item

When it comes to fashion, most women have some specific tastes and preferences. Some like certain pieces of clothes while others prefer accessories and bags. All women I know like to collect or have a fixation on some fashion object. For example, I have a close friend that has over fifty pair of shoes and matching bags.
Personally, I like comfortable boots, wallets and sunglasses. I don´t collect them like my friend does but I have a few items of each, except sunglasses because with vision lens they´re a bit expensive to have many. If you remember my last post about this topic, then you know what type of footwear I like. I mentioned some Tactical Tailor Website where I can find all the boots that I like. No, they´re not really army boots, they´re just the most comfortable and resistant footwear money can buy. I know this year high heels boots are in but no one could make me ware one of those.
We all have our secret reasons to collect fashion objects. Some years ago, I had a surgery in my left leg and and I can´t use uncomfortable footwear. Maybe that´s one of the reasons why boots are my favorite piece of fashion.

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Liza said...

hi mize! when i was still single, i used to have this passion for shoes, it doesn't matter if they hurt my feet, as long as they look pretty on my feet, lol. but now that i'm older, i like wearing comfortable ones.

thanks for visiting my food blog :) you should try the flan, it's yummy!



Mizé said...

Hi Liza.
Eh, eh, you were just like my good friend. She´s crazy for shoes even when she can´t stand wearing them. She treats shoes like a piece of jewelry, lol.
My mom is a bit fashion fanatic too. I pushed to her side but my crush is boots.

Ahh! That´s you food blog. I will try the pudim for sure. I just need to buy evaporated milk first.
I´ll let you know how it went.
Happy Blogging xxx