Paid Reviews World: More Competition and Economy Downturn Effect

Today´s post is about a few changes that I noticed in the paid reviews´ world.
As you know, I earn some extra money blogging mainly trough advertising, reviews and content. I´ve been doing reviews for nine months and, along the way, I have blogged about my experiences with different companies.
As I previously pointed out, there are some disadvantages in doing this type of blog advertising. I noticed a few: affects content, loss of readers, PR penalized, blog desindexed from SE and not accepted in some blog directories. The positive side is the possibility to earn dollars, more or less, depending on the blog.
In my case, I´m happy with what I was able to earn with my simple blogspot blog, although I know I could earn more if I had my own domain, one change I always delayed.
Although I improved my ranks, in November I noticed there was more competition and less opportunities, comparing to previous months. It looks like the economic downturn had an affect on the number of opportunities available too. The same happened in December and is happening now.
If you´ve been doing this type of advertising, and you recently visited some of this websites you probably noticed the same I did, offers of fifty cents and one buck. When I first saw this I thought: What the eyes aren´t seeing well. But no, it´s true.
I read somewhere that this business will probably end, some day. One thing is sure, the crisis effects are already visible. For now, I´m not lowering my prices and accepting this tiny offers, specially because my currency is Euros. Let´s see for how long this continues.
Well, that´s enough rant for now. I´m off to update my other blogs.
Good Blogging Sunday!

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Mariuca said...

Morning Mize! I noticed this too and at first I thought there was some sort of error. Apparently it's for real and I too have not accepted any of the cents opps! ;)

Mariuca said...

Dropping EC here today, off to ur other blogs now. I am starting early today yay! :)

going2oahu said...

I used to be pretty active with PayPerPost, but I stopped doing it recently because I found myself accepting opps that were not within the scope of my blog.

I enjoyed your article!

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Lanie said...

Hi Mize, I got a message from that company saying the this will end of this month their offer. I hope it won't be affected us into paid blogging with our economy crisis.

Allena said...

Hi Mize! You're right! Economic crises has now reached the blogosphere! I'm blogging for like 4 months now and just got a page rank 1 lately. A lot of opportunities are available but they're too cheap. Even though I would love to earn through blogging, I wouldn't want my effort paid that cheap! hehehe... Good luck to us! And have a nice week my friend!!!

wiehanne said...

Yea, more and more people wanting to earn money and there seems to be not much people whom wants to advertise now. Sigh.

Denise Lee said...

I started too late I think, and got caught by the economic crisis. Hopefully this will turn around.