Blog Advertising Experiences

In the past months, I joined a few Blog advertising companies. In previous posts I wrote brief reviews of the different companies but only now I´m able to share some results.
I´ve been using both Project Wonderful and Adgitize in some of my blogs. This companies work differently but as a "small fish blogger" like me, you can only expect to make a few bucks each month.
I joined Project Wonderful some months ago and Adgitize only last month. I haven´t reached payout and only earned around four bucks with both companies in all this time.
My best earner in two of my blogs is definitely Adsense. In January, I received another check (iupi!) which felt great for two main reasons. First, January is the month when I have less money due to Christmas presents :) and second because ad clicks are from organic traffic.
Both blogs that made this payment possible are in the first results of G. SE and both get free traffic because people search those keywords every day.
It took a lot of work and learning to get there but I´m happy with results. As you know, I´m not an expert in this matters but maybe I should write more posts sharing my seo experiences, shouldn´t I?
Here´s a pic of the envelop with the check that arrived in my mail box:

See you in a bit.

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diTesco said...

Congrats for "another" check from Mr G. I know what this means - at least equal to or more than:) - well we all know what the minimum payout for AdSense is, right. Keep it up.

Just a note on Project Wonderful. It is really wonderful. I am not too concerned about payouts because I use the earnings for advertising with them. Great source for traffic too. The bounce rate (+/- 79%) from them is also much better:) Have a nice weekend.