Blogger Status: After the Storm

Hi everyone.
In my previous blogger status post I mentioned we´re having a storm in my country. I´d like to send a hug to those visitors that commented showing their concern about me.
The rain storm made some damages countrywide but, fortunately, the city I live in wasn´t the most affected. There were some floods downtown but not in my street, TG we were saved.
Last Saturday, I had to go out but there was so much wind that I couldn´t escape the rain. I´m already feeling a little sick because I literally got a shower out there.
We spent the whole Sunday at home. My daughter had some research homeworks to do and then spent a good part of the afternoon watching kids videos online in websites that only offer kid-appropriate videos.
Today the storm continues but with less intensity. We´re back to our normal life but, according to some channel´s forecasts, the bad weather will continue until next Thursday. Unless the storm causes problems to Internet providers, it won´t stop me from blogging :)
See you soon.

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Lanie said...

Hi Mize, how are you, thanks for the nice message in my tagboard. I hope you are all well. tc

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

awww hope you are starting to feel a little better. Warm chicken or vegetable soup should help quicken the pace of your recovery :) try to get a lot of rest too when you can oki :) xoxo

pchi said...

i hope all is well despite the typhoon

good think, you didn't have flood
it's really hard to deal with! I encounter so many floods every year!


Shinade said...

Hi Mize',
I am glad to hear that you are making it through okay.

This will be our last month of absolutely safe weather.

I live in what's known as Tornado alley in the U.S. and with the arrival of spring here come all of our worst storms.

My neighbor and I simply hop in the car and drive over a block and wait out the worst storms in a storm cellar.

Last year I saw one about a mile away from us just before it touched ground right up the road.

Luckily it only stayed down a few minutes and no people or property was damaged.

But, about 2 weeks later, there was a home about a mile from me, but, still in my neighborhood that did sustain some damage. We were already in the cellar when that came down so I didn't see it.

I am hoping that this we will be safe as those 2 last year hit so close to us.

Anyway I have to run. Stay safe!:-)

Mrs Mecomber said...

How are you doing? I did not see your Blogger status so I did not know you were sick. :( I knew Atos had the flu, how is he doing?

I hope you recover quickly. God bless you. :)