Blogger Status: A Bit Sad

Hi everyone.
Hope you´re all having a good Sunday.
As my post tittle says, today I´m a bit sad. There are a few reasons for that, but I´m only going to blog about my online stuff.
I just opened my other blog and when I looked to the greenbar there was nothing left there! Nada, niente, nickles. Great, I only had the chance to do a few reviews and bang! Slapped!
All of this was expected, but I was really caught by surprise. Aren´t we always?
Well, so much work all gone. I´m only trying to make some extra bucks and I´m not the only one. G. Japan did something very ugly too. I´m glad to know that I´m not the only naughty out there :)
Well, enough rants. Crying over the milk won´t bring my blog´s PR back. I need to go back to work and let it go. In fact, I just bought a new domain to make it even :)
See you soon xx

7 comentários:

Mariuca said...

I'm here Mize!!!

Mariuca said...

Which blog Mize??? Netfree??? Oh pls don worry sweetie, am sure u will get it back in no time. MPG is still a 0, so we're in the same boat. HUGS for us! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Thanks for coming by yesterday dear, hope the awards cheered u up a little! More hugs for Mize! :):):)

Nilz said...

It looks good! After all, we all need more exposure. So, I'll surely follow your advice.

Lanie said...

that is sad mize, how did you keep it your pr though. My pr didn't came back for a long time since october of last year.

Monica said...

Oh Mize! sorry to hear about your pagerank! hope you're going to get a better pagerank in the next update..

Mira said...

Yay, I haven't checked my PR's lately. So google updated the PR;s again huh. Sorry to hear about that, I hope your PR comes back soon.