Blogger Status: Life´s Ups and Downs

Hi everyone.
First of all, I´d like to thanks all EC visitors which visited Night Clicks during the weekend but didn´t get a drop back. As I explained, this weekend it was my daughter´s birthday party and I didn´t have enough time to return drops.
Today, my blogger status isn´t very positive, just like my mood. I´m having some problems in my offline life which absorb most of my time and motivation to be online. I won´t get in much details today. Maybe later I will have strengh to blog about it.
I´m also a bit angry with a certain paid reviews company. I´m waiting for a payment that never arrives. If this situation isn´t fixed soon, I´ll post a special about this topic so others bloggers now.
Well, that´s all for now. I´m off to work and visit my favorite EC blogs. Maybe all this stress goes away :)
Good Night!

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