Blogger Status: Distressed

Hi everyone.
As my post tittle says, I´ve been distressed because of my offline life.
Even if I don´t want, the situation I´m going trough affects me as a blogger. The feeling is: "you can run but you can´t hide".
As you can imagine, I don´t want to explain all details of my personal life here. In Portugal, we have a saying that mentions "For a good understanding half word is enough" and in my case one letter explains it: D.
For now, I´m about to loose my car but not my legs :) I´ve been brainstorming solutions for my case and with myother´s help I think I´ll find a good solution for me and my daughter. Although I sometimes get depressed, I´m a positive person in essence and I know I´m not lost, like this week´s MM song says.
Today, I only did a few drops, I had to go out all afternoon. Right now, I´m going to check some handmade steampunk items and then I´m off to EC to relief some stress.
See you soon.

3 comentários:

Mira said...

Sorry to hear about your losing your car Mize, I'm sure something good will come out of your present predicament. Maybe you'll get into shape by walking more than driving, LOL. I'm just making you smile ;-). Have a good day!

Monica said...

hi Mize! I hope everything is alright on your end.. *HUGS*

Babette said...

Hi Mize, I hope everything works out for you.