Blogger Status: Weekend Plans

Hi everyone.
Hope you´re having a good weekend.
This weekend I don´t have any special plans to go out. I´m going to do the usual housechores and then invest some time in my school work. I have some articles in english to read and I´d like to start writing my project´s introduction.
To do this I need to unplug so, today, I started working online at 9.00 am. I know, it´s not normal in me but I really need to organize my work in a different way. Yesterday, Friday night, I went to bed around 2. I was so sleepy that I didn´t finish drops, which is one of the last chores that I do online. The night before I didn´t sleep much so yesterday I had to make it up. Today, I´m feeling better and with enough energy to work until late. Tomorow I need to sleep well because Monday morning I have things to do with my daugher.
See you soon.

3 comentários:

Liza said...

Hi Mize!

I hope you were able able to finish all those. Don't push yourself too much and get enough rest. :D

Take care.

Monica said...

Hi Mize! Happy Monday ;-)

Mira said...

Same here Mize, I couldn't stay longer to finish my drops. I've been going to be earlier for the past 3 nights. Too much staying up late has taken its toll on me, I need to recharge ;-) Dropping EC on Sunday evening EST. Have a great week ahead.