Changing Internet Provider

Hi again.
I just want to let my readers and visitors know that I´m going to change my Internet provider in a few days. I was happy with the current provider but I need to change the account to my name.
When I went to the PT shop to get informed I found that I could have a cheaper plan with no international traffic limits if I pay the service with direct debit from my bank account. This is good news, I love saving! I will pay less money for the same service. So, I´ll be changing from Meo to Sapo ADSL.
This means that with the change I won´t have Internet for a few days. I don´t know for how long I will be without Internet connection. I just hope it won´t take long, otherwise I´ll go nuts :)
Well, I can always go to my University and post from there but it´s not the same. If you don´t see me around, or returning drops, it´s because I don´t have Internet at home. I´ll be back as soon as possible.
Happy Blogging!

4 comentários:

wiehanne said...

Happy Monday! Hope the changes will go smooth. :)

Monica said...

I hope you had a wonderful week Mize!
Happy Blogging! ;-)

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies!
thanks for your visits and comments.

Glad to see you in my blog. Sorry for my absence but I still don´t have Internet at home.
Saw your new blog, wish you Good luck! Hope I can drop soon.

Mizé said...

Hi Monica!
Thanks! Wish you all the best too.
I hope I can drop soon because I miss you!
A good week!