Free Blogger Templates Resources

When I started Night Clicks, I wanted to review as many blogging resources I could. If you check my archives, you´ll find reviews of free resources such as blog templates, learning SEO, articles, directories, among other webmster´s tools.
With time, I started mixing other topics such as woman´s interests, products or services reviews and personal posts.
Despites the changes in my blogging topics, I´m still interested in free resources and each time I find new stuff that I´ve tried, I like to post it in Night Clicks.
I recently changed some of my blog´s templates and trough Entrecard I meet a few more good blogging resources. If you need free templates for your blogs, check out this websites too:

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Mira said...

Thanks for the links Mize, I'm thinking of changing my foodie blog as well. I will try the first 2 resources you've shared.