I Need a New Cell Phone

I have a 3G Samsung cell phone since March 2005. When I bought this phone it was one of the best products in the store. It cost me around three hundred Euros, which I paid in one year.
This Samsung has the best technology in the market. It includes a camera that captures photos and small videos, Internet connection and everything else a normal cell phone has.
Four years passed and only now I started having problems with this cell phone. The battery is going crazy and when I talk for more than five minutes the phone gets too hot, which is strange and frightening. I´m not sure if cell phone radiation is safe or what it causes in our brain. I need to read more research about this topic.
I´m considering buying a new cell phone but I´m not sure which brand to choose. One thing I´m sure, I will buy a cheaper phone with less technology. Maybe a cheaper phone will last more than a top line like I have.
Which is your favorite cell phone brand, and why?

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Work at Home Mom said...

I recently bought a Samsung, and it has terrible reception and call dropping. I've ordered a new Nokia, which I know will be better. You really can't beat Nokia for reception, I don't think.

Mizé said...

Hello Work at Home Mom!
Thanks for visiting Night Clicks and commenting. I´m happy that you visit my blog again :)
I was considering a Nokia but once I never had one I wanted to know my reader´s oppinion. Thanks for sharing yours!