Thank You EC Droppers

I´d like to send a big "Thank You" and show my appreciation to all EC droppers that visit Night Clicks.
I always say, it´s not easy to be a Top Dropper. It takes time, persistence and if you´re an EC member, you know exactly what I mean.
As you can see below, in February, Night Clicks Top Droppers all had 31 drops!
Not a piece of cake. Although I´m a frequent dropper, I find really hard to be on Top.
This month, instead of ad space I´m giving link love to all that made Top 10.
Once again, my most loyal Top Dropper was Liza. This month, she did a great job again. She´s made 10 Top in all my blogs! Thanks Liza!
And Top Droppers were:

~ My note's - 31
~ A Simple Life - 31
~ Mommy's Little Corner - 31
~ The Modern Mom - 31
~ Moms..... Check nyo - 31
~ Yummy-as-can-be - 31
~ Winesworlds Blog - 31
~ Mariuca's Perfume Gallery - 31
~ All Blogspot Templates - 31
~ Career - Male Nurse - 31

Cheers to All!

4 comentários:

Monica said...

Congrats to all your TDs!! ;-)

GAGAY said...

hello te mize..this is my first time to be here..anyway, you have a great park here! keep doing so!

whew! congrats to your droppers..

Gagay, MD:-P

Mizé said...

Hi Monica.
Thanks for your visit!
I´m rarely a Top Dropper but I like to aknowledge those who make 31 drops. It´s a lot of work.
Good Wednesday :)

Mizé said...

Hi Gagay!
Welcome to my simple blog. I´m happy to know you like Night Clicks :)
Feel welcome to drop by anytime.
I´ll visit your "park" soon :)
Good Wednesday :)