Visiting Algarve Shopping

Some weeks ago, we went to Algarve Shopping in Albufeira. At that time, I blogged about it in a personal post but only today I had some time to pass the pictures to my notebook.
The picture below shows how Algarve´s Shopping Bowling room looks like:

Inside the bowling room they have a bar service, game machines and a Ciber Café:

Cool Space!
I never blogged in a Ciber Café, or anywhere else outside my flat, but one day I wouldn´t mind trying. I´m very lucky to have a home office with all I need and, in case I have any problems, I also have full access to my University´s PC rooms.
And you? Have you ever blogged outside?
I´m curious... how different is it?

2 comentários:

Lanie said...

wow that is a nice place to play bowling Mize, We have a wonderful time playing bowling my family as well. It great to get out in the house.

Mira said...

I haven't blogged outside but I tried Internet Cafes while I was still in the Philippines. It's quite pricey back then as you're charged by the minute. But I liked that the connection is much faster than the one I had, so it's all worth it. In US I don't see much of these places because who else doesn't have internet connection these days? Everybody has gone high-tech in their own right ;-)