Blog Award: Queen of Blogs

mariuca's perfume


I´m honored to announce that my good fellow blogger Mariuca bestowed Night Clicks the "Queen of Blogs" award :)
Imagine me, Queen of Blogs!
Well, I do have a bunch of blogs and although I took so long to post this award I´m still happy with this recognition. Thanks Mariuca!
If you haven´t meet Mariuca yet, you can visit her awsome blogs: "Wishing on a Falling Star" and "Mariuca Perfume Gallery", linked above.
Mariuca is a passionate and skilled blogger that puts her heart and soul in everything she does. She has a very sweet way and knows how to cherish and support all her online friends.
I´m so happy that I´ve meet you Mariuca! I will never forget you!

I´d like to pass this award to: Liza and Mira, two fellow bloggers that I´ve meet trough Entrecard that run several blogs.
Cheers to all lady bloggers!

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Mira said...

Hi Mize, happy Saturday morning ;-). I've been trying to catch up on dropping EC's so I didn't even notice I got an award here, lol. Thanks for remembering me. I've done this already though at my Bravejournal site too, but I will just add your name to it. Thanks again!