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In the past weeks, I´ve been worried about my mother´s health. I learned from her that she´s having many difficulties and I feel a bit guilty about this topic.
As usual, my blog is the place where I let it all out. I enjoy sharing good and bad stuff in my life and, right now, there are a few changes going on.
My mother reached her 7th decade of life but she lives back in my hometown, not near me. I´m her only daughter and we talk on the phone almost every day. She recently told me she´s having some health problems that are interfering with her normal life and now I worry about her every day. I invited her to join me here in Algarve but this is a huge step for her. I would like her to move to my flat because I have a free bedroom but she´s not sure about it.
I made this invitation with plain conscience of all consequences involved. Now, it´s up to her to decide. I think she´s not ready to leave her home yet. I need to respect her point of view but I worry about her. If she moved here I could help her more and worry less because 300 Km are a long distance.
Well, only time will tell. Let´s see what she decides.

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

wow that is the same choice I had to make back then. I finally decided to move back in and manage the family real estate business and live right in the same building where my mom is just to keep her company and watch over her. Am sure that things will work out one way or the other. But over all it showed her that she is very important to you and that you care about her so much :) xoxo