Blogger Status: Happy & 3 Days Off

Hi everyone.
I´m back from work and now I will have three days off, iupi!:)
I will work in Sunday from 8.00 am to 16.00 pm but three days home is awsome. In my job, new workers like me rarely have days off in a row.
I will use this days to rest, organize my closets (I sure need to do this), make some groceries shopping, update my blogs and work in my school´s project. Besides this, I have the normal housechores to do.
It seems a lot to do in just three days and it sure is. I realised I´m kind of a workaholic that never stops. I´m sure I was a non diagnosed hyperactive child, lol. Well, the truth is I´m always busy with something and I disperse myself in many different activities. I´ve always been like this. When I was home without a daytime job I rested almost the same I do now but in different schedules.
This weekend, I would also like to start working in my new domain blog. Another thing I would like to do in a near future is finding new templates for my blogs. I´m kind of tired of the current ones.
Right now, I´m writing a review but I´ll be off to my daughter´s school in 15 minutes. See you later tonight :)

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