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If you live in USA and you need to find information about a specific phone number you have a few different options. You can check the yellow pages, which can take a long time, ask information by phone to the provider company or look for that same info using the Internet.
If you need to find specific information about annoying phone call you can check the new CallerWiki website.
Caller Wiki is a website built by users that allows them to expose who is the responsible for that calls. In this website any user can add or edit information about a specific number from USA.
To use this website all you need to is enter a phone number into the search box feature and click the option to start your search. When results are displayed you can read what other users have written about that number and add any relevant information you consider useful to others.
If you´re looking for a specific number but you can´t find any additional information you need about it you can also perform a reverse phone lookup with a special tool which is available to all users. With Caller Wiki you can perform searches both by number or area code.

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