Hi everyone.
I just wanted to wish all Night Clicks visitors and readers a good Easter.
I´m Christian but I don´t visit church much. Despite this personal option, I haven´t lost my faith.
I also don´t follow all Christian traditions but I like this hollidays.
I will be at home, resting and doing housechores. I´d like to update my other blogs and although I had planned posting about EC paid ads, I´m leaving that topic for another day.
A Peaceful Holiday to all.

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Allena said...

hi Mize! I envy you! With my job, we still have work during holidays!

I'm a Christian but not catholic. we basically don't follow their traditions. but i wish i could sit back and relax at home at these times! Lol!

take care my friend!

oh, by the way Mize, can I ask u a favor? can you vote for me at Lainy's contest? Lol! I will trully appreciate it.

take care my friend!!!

Monica said...

Hi Mize! Happy Easter and enjoy your holiday *HUGS*

Monica said...

well, I'm also a Christian but I don't visit church much :-D

Sue said...

Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter. ♥

Sandi said...

I'm with you on this one. :) Happy Easter!

Mariuca said...

Happy Birthday Mize!!!! I hope all your dreams come true this birthday and may you have the best one yet with Miriam! Love and hugs! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies!
Thanks to all for your comments :)

Mizé said...

Hi! Sorry to be away for so long...My life had a 360º change.

Don´t envy me. I will work weekends and holidays too. This is just the begining.
In May, I´ll start doing night shifts that end at 00:00.

Oh..Christian but not catholic, Ok. It´s always good to learn about other cultures.

I voted for you! Good Luck!
Hugs from here :):)

Mizé said...

Thanks! Hope you had a great time!
Nowadays, church is so oldfashion thinking. They didn´t develop to keep up with the world´s changes.
Hugs :):)

Mizé said...

Hi Sue!
Thanks! A peaceful week for you too.

Mizé said...

Hi Sandi,
Here in Portugal Church just didn´t develop enough. Times have changed but they keep preaching the same discourse :)
Good week ahead, Cheers!

Mizé said...

Hi Marzie,
So... a new blog! I knew you were up to something, lol.
Can´t wait to see it.
Please, have some rest too. I read in your blog that you´re not sleeping enough...
Take care, my good friend.
Hugs from me and Miriam :):)