Music Monday XXV

Good Night everyone. Hope you´re all doing Ok.
After XXIV Music Mondays here in Night Clicks without missing one edition, can you belive that yesterday I actually forgot about it? Yeap, I did :)
My new job´s current schedules don´t let me do better :)
Once I like MM so much, I just couldn´t skip this week´s edition! I´m doing MM in Tuesday but I think that´s Ok.
This week, I´m proud to feature a Portuguese band that sings in English called "Fingertips". Maybe you already heard them on the radio, just like me, without knowing they´re a Portuguese band.
I like most Fingertips´songs but today I picked their latest single that talks about an interesting topic: "We´ve got to love ourselves to be able to love others". I picked the live version of the music "Do it".
You can learn more about this Portuguese group in their website:
A good blogging week to all!

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