Portuguese Liberty Day

Today, in Portugal, we celebrate the Freedom day.
To be more exact, we celebrate April 25 because in 1974 there was a revolution we call "Revolução dos Cravos".
In that day, some members of the army started a revolution against the oppressive government of that time. We call this revolution "Revolução dos Cravos".
Cravos are the flowers in the picture above and they´re a symbol of this important day in Portuguese history.
Before the revolution, there wasn´t any freedom of speach and the goverment´s police (PIDE) used to arrest and torture those who expressed ideas against the goverment or the president, called Salazar.
After 1974, books, newspapers and the media in general weren´t censured as before so we call April 25 the freedom day.
I´ll leave you with a video of "Carlos Paredes" playing the song "Verdes Anos" (Green Years). Carlos Paredes was one of our great Portuguese Guitar players who was arrested before 1974. Another great singer associated with this day is Zé Afonso, you can check both in Youtube.

Good Night xx

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