What´s The Matter With People

Hi folks.
I didn´t update Night Clicks last Sunday but I wrote posts for my other blogs. Monday brought another working week but the good news are my next days off. Once again, I´ll have three days off in a row, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Today, I feel like my post´s tittle, I need some rambling...
What´s the matter with people? Is everyone going nuts because of money?
Well, last weekend I had a chocking episode in my job. A middle age couple was robed in their own home while sleeping and the burglers decided that stealing wasn´t enough. They atacked the couple with violence too. The couple ended up in the hospital´s emergencies with their faces and necks cuted.
My neighbour in the 4th floor was robed too. She´s an old ladie living by herself. I got scared to think it could be me.
Today, I opened my blogs and checked my comments to discover that my good friend Metz, from the other corner of the world, was robed too. Someone broke into his flat and stole his laptop.
It seems people are going crazy because of money. It´s true we´re in crisis and economic downturn but I can´t understand why all this violence is happening. It´s not safe to go outside anymore, even in our peaceful Algarve.
I´m annoyed today, maybe scared too. Why so much violence?
Where are we heading?
I don´t see TV anymore but I catch up the news online and on the radio. I can´t belive the world is being destroyed by greedy people!
Hey! Wake up, am I dreaming? God forgive them because they don´t know what they´re doing.
Sorry guys, I just had to let it out some way.
A good night to all. Peace in the world!

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