Another Working Week Ahead

Hi everyone.
I´ve been a couple days away from Night Clicks and my other blogs to enjoy Mother´s day, clean my flat and have some rest. Now, I´m back for another working week ahead.
I just arrived home from work. Today, it was another tiring day. In my actual job we have different sections and the most tiring are the "disinfection" and the material collecting or distribution. Today, it was my turn to be alone in the desinfection department. It´s not the first time I do this task alone but not all days are equal. Some days we have more work than others, it all depends on the operations done, and today we had loads and loads of material.
During the morning, all team had an "educational" session to learn the correct proceadures to work in that section. It was very useful to me because I had a few questions about some procedures.
We also received an evaluation sheet that describes what is expected from us. This evaluation is for those who belong to our section but the chief nurse said that she wasn´t sure if this evaluation will be performed in workers doing contracts, like me. I think it will.
Well, I´m off to pick my daughter from school, shop a few groceries and decide what´s for dinner :)
See you later :)

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