Blogger Status: Mini Holidays & Sick Daughter

Hello folks. Hope you´re all having a good weekend.
I´m having mini vacations from work. Three days off in a row feel like vacations to me so I´m doing one of my night owl blogging sessions :)
Today (Friday), after lunch, I received a phone call that caught me by surprise. It was my mother saying that she was arriving. I only expected her tomorow but she decided to come earlier and give me a hand with my daughter.
My daughter started having fever Wednesday night. Thursday, she went to school because she was feeling better but around 5.00 pm her teacher called me and asked to pick her because she wasn´t Ok. She has fever, a sore throat and her nose is blocked. Poor little thing...
I have to work next Sunday so I called my mother and asked her to visit us. This way I can go to work and my mother will look after my daughter. It´s a relief to know she will be at home with my mom. I hope she gets better really soon.
See you later.

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

wow am so glad that things are looking up for yah. :) Always in my prayers :) Keep cool always :) xoxoe

Michelle said...

Hope your little one feels better soon. It's always hard when our kids are sick. My little one's been sick on and off since she started preschool last fall. Thank goodness for mom's. It's always nice to have our mom's around. Hope you have a great weekend.