I Miss EC Dropping

Since I started my new job, I haven´t made many of my EC dropping rounds. My lack of time is the major reason for my EC absence.
I have some loyal droppers such as Liza, Mariuca, Mira and Metz. They drop by my blogs even when I don´t make drops. Thanks! I´ll keep your logos and links in my sidebar as a way to show my appreciation. As you know, sidebar links are great for SEO objectives. I wish you all the best for your blogging endeavors!
I also miss Shinade, she had a PC problem and she´s been away from blogging. I really noticed something strange in my blogging nights...I missed visiting some of the blogs I used to check almost every day!
I wondered where everyone was. Well, the truth is if I don´t make drops I don´t get drops back. Tonight, I made 200 drops and visited some of the blogs I though I had lost. No, I didn´t lose them, they were all there, it was me who was missing, lol.
I wish I had enough time to make this number of drops every day but I don´t. I enjoy EC community very much and I´ll keep supporting them as long as I can. See you all in my next EC round.

3 comentários:

Monica said...

Hello Mize! Im glad you're doing well in your new job ;-)

Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, I've not been dropping 900, it's hard to drop for 3 blogs. But once in a while I do meet that 900 mark so yay! :):):)

Liza said...

I understand dear. We need to work too. I'll be here no matter what. :D

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