Mother´s Day

Next Sunday we will celebrate Mother´s Day.
Tomorrow, Saturday, my mother is coming to visit us. She lives in my hometown, 300 Km away from where I am. Next Sunday, I will have the chance to reunite three generations of women in my family, my mother, me and my daughter.
I haven´t bought any special gift for my mother yet. For me, what really counts is that we will be together. I will cook a special dinner for us and spend some quality time with my family.
Every year, my daughter offers me a handmade Mother´s Day present that she does in school and this year is no exception. Besides love, these are the best presents any mother can have.
My daughter already has her present but now she´s waiting for Sunday to give it to me. I wonder what she did this time. Next week I´ll take a picture of her present to post here.
See you soon.

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