Music Monday XXVIII

Hello everyone.
This Sunday was my day off so I had a good rest and went out with my daughter. We went shopping groceries and had a burger out at Mc Donnalds.
I only logged in my English blogs after midnight, so it´s already Monday. It´s amazing how time flies. Today, I´m posting my 28th Music Monday edition!
This week, I picked a Portuguese singer and song. The singer is "Dulce Pontes" and the song is "Canção do Mar" (song of the sea). This singer has a great voice and this song, which isn´t new, was included in one of Richard Gere´s movies.
Happy Monday to all!

2 comentários:

Carleen said...

Thank you for sharing this song -- it's really nice. Happy MM to you!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

Dropping by to greet yah a fab week ahead :) Keep cool always :)