Blogger Status: Doing Night Shifts

Hello everyone.
Just a quick note to let you know that I´ve been busy with my job. I´m doing night shifts again, three days in a row.
Friday and Saturday are this week´s days off and then I´ll have more time for my blogs. I´ll do, at least, one of my blogging nights :)
Right now, between my job, housechores and momy duties, I almost don´t have time to scratch myself.
Yesterday and the day before, when I returned from work, I started fixing my notebook. I´m doing a total reboot to the system and hopefully I´ll be able to fix it. I also need some time to save everything I had in my disk in CDs before I recover the system. I had loads of pictures and other documents I don´t want to lose. This is a hard task but I need to get it done. I´m still using S. notebook and I have to guive it back to him. Each time we meet he keeps asking the notebook back.
See you soon:)

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

You have been tagged with a personality quiz :) Hope you have fun with it as you discover things you probably already know and get pleasantly surprised with those that you dont :)

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