Blogger Status: Two Days Off

Hello everyone.
Weekend´s here, and after a few weeks, I finally have two days off in a row. I sure deserve them because this week I worked five days non stop in busy shifts. Friday and Saturday was my turn to do night shifts so tonight I´m more tired than usual. During July, I´m not sure if I will have free Sundays so I´d better enjoy this one.
Now that summer is officially here (started 22 June) we want to go to the beach.
The picture above was taken last year in one of the islands located in Olhão. It´s an awsome beach with warm sea water but we can only get there by boat. Tonight, while looking in my picture´s folder I found the one above and wished I was there.
Today, Sunday, I´ll rest, do the housecores and shop groceries but tomorow off we go. Right now, I´m off to bed. Bed sweet bed :)
It´s already 6.00 am and I can barely open my eyes :)
Good weekend to all!

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Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, enjoy ur short break. I have a tag for u if u feel like having a little fun, hugs!

Internation Musing said...

Thanks Mize for your comment on Internations.
You don't have simple blogs, I take often the time ro read it..)
Portıgal is one of my favorite countries; I visited it for the first tıme in 1982. And came back several times. Have a a good friend living there: Isabel!
My wife decided that the Portoguees men are one of the most hand some men on earth, and she travelled a lot..)) So be lucky to live in such a beautiful country with the most warm people around you..))
Dutch in Istanbul

Mizé said...

Thanks, I will try to have plenty rest. Lately, I´ve been so tired... The hot weather and shifts in different schedules beat me up a bit :)
Thanks for inviting me to join this meme, it´s very sweet of you. I will post it in my next break.
Good blogging week,
Hugs xx

Mizé said...

Hello Hans,
I´m happy to know you read and like my blogs :)
I read yours too and enjoy it but many times I don´t know what to comment.
I must agree with your wife, lol, Portuguese man are handsome but many I know of my age are too "macho" and poorly educated for my taste.
I heart my country :) Wouldn´t want to live anywhere else but if you ask me which European country I would like to visit I would answer: Holland and UK.
See you soon,
Regards, Mizé.