Bugs in my flat

For the second year in a row, when summer arrives, some ants appear in my living room and the worst is I don´t know where they´re coming from.
You know me, I hate bugs. Last year I thought the ants appeared because my daughter left fruit peels and bits of cookies in the living room but this year they´re back.
Last winter, I also had a bad experience with cockroaches in my other flat. There were so many cockroaches in the building that even after buying pesticides they wouldn't go away. I spent money in pesticides for nothing. Then, I found the problem wasn´t only in my flat but in the whole building. We had to contract a pest control company and only after they came in my flat the problem was solved. They used a jelly type of pesticide that completely eliminated the bugs in a few days time.
Maybe there´s an ant nest in my living room already, I see them come and go from a little hole in the floor. My gosh, I just hope I don´t need to contract pest control services again. It wasn´t cheap.
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