4th July

I´d like to wish a happy 4th July to all my fellow bloggers that celebrate it :)
This date is special to me too, it´s my mother´s birthday.
Although our relation is strange, and she´s my antikarma, I love her. There´s only one mother in this life and F. is mine :)
My mother lives 300 Km away from me. Recently, she was sick and spent some weeks here with us. When she started feeling better, she returned home. I wasn´t able to convince her to stay. She missed her friends and decided to return to my hometown. Can´t blame her, I love my hometown too.
Today, I phoned my mother to wish her a happy birthday. As usual she was in a bad mood, I think she´s got a sort of "Distimia", poor dear. Her life is a major lesson to me and no thanks but I don´t want to be like her when I grow up, lol.
Anyway, happy birthday mom. I wish you all the best!
I´m doing another blogging night, I won´t have enough sleep again. Tomorow, I´ll do a morning shift but I don´t care. Today, I had enough sleep and tomorow after work I can rest too. My daughter is going to the beach with my ex and I can make a little nap :)
See you soon.

illustration Credits: http://www.photosearch.com

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